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This winter, Bosch's bestseller will be draped in three different designer robes. With the limited IXO Vino Edition, opening a good wine will not only be a pleasurable exercise, it will also be a feast for the eyes. Those responsible for this haute couture are budding young Russian designers Aleksandra and Daria Gantseva, alias SashaDasha Design, from Moscow. They have tailor-made three different motifs for the IXO's corkscrew adapter.


"All three motifs are things we clearly associate with wine. It’s all about pleasure, socializing and communication. In addition to the wine glass and vine leaves symbols, in the third version we have played with the word corkscrew in seven languages (African, German, English, French, Indonesian, Dutch and Russian). So one understands the meaning of the adapter in words and pictures", says Aleksandra Gantseva, describing the design the Russian twins have come up with.


Bosch IXO's corkscrew adapter will be produce 100 000 pieces.