Rock Kitchen

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Rock Kitchen

The target was set to develop identity and logotype for a new brand of professional kitchen equipment, as well as to create signature corporate branding and marketing materials that work together.


Highlight rock’n’roll spirit of the brand. The chief becomes a real rock star and his professional equipment needs to ROCK too. All products are made of metal and they are just the right tools for the chief’s live rock show.





Rock Kitchen is so much more than just a brand of equipment for cafes and eateries. It’s even more than just equipment, it heats and rocks, showcasing an amazing performance for both, chief and guest.

Rock Kitchen is something that unites those who treat kitchen like a rock stage. Who appreciate the enthusiasm and drive above all. Rock Kitchen inspires to run your business with fascinating creativity, free from frames and prejudice, because the main thing about it - is to share delight with those for whom you are cooking!

Anything that relates to Rock Kitchen is clear and simple to use, like a drum set, and in good hands is able to fill hearts of your guests with gratitude and appreciation. Rock Kitchen never creates unnecessary complexity, that inhibits creativity, affordability and optimal quality.