2010 Pedrita Studio


2010 Julia Lohmannand

and Gero Grundmann


2010 Vitra Workshop with

Gala Fernandez in Boisbuchet


2010 DoshiLevin


2010 Sigga Heimis



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Pedrita Workshop

Discover new possibilities of ceramics as a material for transmitting electricity and the possible industrial and domestic applications.

Project Light Together / Pedrita Workshop

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Julia Lohmannand Gero Grundmann/14 local links

Workshop with Julia Lohmann and Gero Grundmann was very interesting and helpful. Research in workshops and companies in Madrid in order to generate new collaboration possibilities for design projects, recycling materials, processes, techniques.



Vitra Workshop Boisbuchet\NEST Lamp

During summer 2010 we spent one week in Boisbuchet. We have a workshop with Gala Fernandez. Tesis of this workshop was Boisbuchet is a most inspiring place.

Vitra Workshop Boisbuchet\Candelholder FIRE



Workshop DoshiLevin

An invitation to relate to the city of Madrid through a design intervention, reinterpreting or temporarily transforming an already existing space. Workshop with Doshi Levien from Doshi Levien studio/London During this workshop there were 3 different groups. We was in different groups so what was made. Idea of a workshop was made a perfomence/instalation on a streets of Madrid. Dasha was in a group with Carissa, Pauletta and Maria. Sasha was in one group with Renee, Barak and Juanen.



Workshop Sigga Heimis

In Malmö, Sweden, SashaDasha participated in a workshop in Labland, the studio of Sigga Heimis, a professional who is known for her work with Ikea and Fritz Hansen. They collaborated with her on the creation of a collection of cut and folded metal, following a real briefing, sharing their doubts and proposals. The research generated a lot of creative alternatives that, throughout the course of only one day’s work, they surprised the designer with their great finishing touches and effectiveness. The result was a very effective workshop: a professional job developed in a professional environment.